Why PersiansAreNotArabs.com?

When I first Googled the term Persians, I noticed many non Persian websites showing on the Search Engine Result Pages that solely linked to topics on Persian cats. I was wondering why Persian sites didn’t rank as well and why the sites didn’t elaborate further on what “Persian” really means. I noticed that almost all websites on the first page were live since 1995, which gave them the competitive advantage of obtaining more back links resulting in better ranking. So I believed that we needed a site that would outrank them to share with the world the richness of our culture, our history and more and that is why I started the website. After going live in 2007, the site noticed a good amount of traffic and back links from bloggers and other sites within the first few weeks. I had an editor and web designer enhance the content and design. As of today, over 90% of the traffic is generated from search engines.

Why this name for the website?

Confusing Persians with Arabs, as well as the controversy of the Persian Gulf being called the Arabian Gulf has been the subject of public attention for many years. I simply chose a domain name that stated a fact, got right to the point and answered a commonly asked question.

Does the website denote negativity towards Arabs?

Absolutely not – The domain itself, as well as the context, simply denotes the distinction between Persians and Arabs and briefly elaborates on the Persian ethnicity.