Why Persians are not Arabs?

When I first Googled the term “Persian”, I saw results mostly on Persian Cats. I believe we have much more topics to share online such as our history, culture, language and more…

I also believe we can fight the negative media surrounding Iran and the Persian/Iranian Community worldwide.

And that is why I started this website back in 2006 and believe with your support and by sharing the site on multiple blogs/forums/social media we can tell the world what Iran is all about!

In short:

This site will look at Persia, which at one point had been one of the greatest empires of all time. From this great culture we gained beautiful art seen in the masterful woven Persian carpets, melodic poetic verse, and modern algebra. With history and culture this rich, it is to no surprise that Persians want to be distinguished from others including their Arab neighbors.