Persians | Are Persians • white • black • caucasian • muslim • Asian • Iranians • Arabs?

Persians | Are Persians • white • black • caucasian • muslim • Asian • Iranians • Arabs?

Persians are not Arabs, any more than Koreans are Japanese.

The questions,

  • “Are Iranians the same as Arabs?”
  • “Persians versus Arabs?”
  • “Iranian vs Persian?”
  • “Are Iranians and Persians considered white?”
  • “Is the language Persian or Farsi or Arabic?”
  • “Is the country Iranalso called Persia?”
  • “The difference between Arabs and Persians?”
  • “Is it the Persian Gulf or Arabian Gulf?”
  • Are Persians white? Black? Caucasian? Muslim? Asian? Iranians? Arabs?

are common ones that are asked here in the Western world.

Search the internet for an answer, and many different sites and forums come up each with a different response.


the average American’s study of history usually starts with the Ancient Egyptian civilization, followed by the Greeks, Romans and then somehow skips to Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World.

That other distant civilizations developed in between those periods is new information to many. Studying our Eastern neighbors opens an entirely new world of historyculture and achievements.



This site will look at Persia, which at one point had been one of the greatest empires of all time.

From this great culture we gained beautiful art seen in the masterful woven Persian carpets, melodic poetic verse, and modern algebra.

It is referred to as an “ancient” empire, but, in fact, some Persian practices, such as equal rights for men and women and the abolishment of slavery, were way ahead of their time.

The fall of this great dynasty to Islamic control in 633-656 will also be touched upon.

Since that time,

surrounding Arab nations have forced the former power to repeatedly restructure changing former Persia into present day Iran.

(see “Renaming Iran” for more information).

But with history and culture this rich, it is to no surprise that Persians want to be distinguished from others including their Arab neighbors.

  How can we clarify the appropriate use of the term “Persians”?


  1. Shall it only be used when referring to the times of the great ancient Persian Empire?
  2. Does it really define a nation?

Persia is now thought to be synonymous with Iran, but do either of those terms define the myriad of ethnic groups within the country, such as the Kurds or Turks, those who neither identify themselves as Persian nor speak the Persian language of Farsi?

Or should it simply be used to identify goods and wares we have all become familiar with like the Persian cat or Persian Rug?

This website will look into what is really behind the name “Persian” by briefly discussing its rich history and unique culture.

And perhaps finally one will understand why Persians Are Not Arabs.

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