Persian Saffron • Iranian Saffron | The Red Gold

Persian Saffron • Iranian Saffron | The Red Gold

Persian Saffron • Iranian Saffron, Why so expensive?

One of Iran’s products that we are proud of beyond words is Saffron.

Saffron is one of the world’s most costly spices.

One of the reasons behind the high price is the fact that this spice cannot be found except in a handful of places.

Hence, saffron has been nicknames “The red gold”!

Though you can find saffron in a few places besides Iran,

Persian saffron has no rival when it comes to its superb flavor, mesmerizing color and excellent quality.


Saffron is procured from “saffron crocus”,

a flower which is native mostly to Asia.

Since the process and its product are completely natural, wielding this flower in order to get the gold is very hard and needs expertise.

This is another reason behind the high cost of spice.

To get the spice from flower, one needs to dry its’ stigmas.

The proper way is to cut the fibrous threads from the flower and then sun-dry them.

After that, you’ll be able to use the spice for cooking (saffron plays an essential part in many of the traditional dishes of Persia, India, and Arabia, Turkey and …

Saffron Medical uses and Weight Loss:

Apart from enhancing the features of dishes magnificently, saffron also has many medical uses.

It is used to reduce a number of health issues, and is used as a remedy to cure insomnia and stress.

Saffron is also a useful substance when it comes to weight loss, since it has an appetite receding effect.

It is also of great use in the cosmetics and skin care facility.

To elaborate,

it can aid dry skins, facial masks and etc. in cosmetics however; it can be used as antiseptic creams, skin allayers and so on.

Iran – the biggest saffron producer:

As mentioned in a few more of the headings of this site, Iran usually tends to be the biggest producers and exporters of many of its domestic products.

Saffron is no different.

Iran covers about 90% of the world’s 250 tons of saffron production annually.

It is said that classical Persian is the very first language that has the use of saffron (or Zaferan, as more commonly known around Iran) registered in the cooking department.

Persian Saffron Quality

There are a few points that matter when it comes to the quality of saffron.

We will name two:

  1. The age and maturity and the saffron is a very important point.
  2. The mass of style harvested alongside the saffron is vital to the quality.

Different Grades of Iranian saffron:

  1. Sargol: this is considered the top notch quality, which consists only of the red stigmas of the saffron crocus.
  2. Pushal/Pushali: this brand is also mostly red stigmas, along with a small amount of yellow style.
  3. Bunch: a small amount of red stigmas plus a lot of yellow style and Possesses lower quality than the two above.
  4. Konge: only yellow style. This brand has the aroma of saffron, but barely has any coloring ability.

Purchasing Persian Saffron:

There are a few things to know when buying saffron.

Since it is quite pricey, you want to buy a type that is high quality, fresh and without any additives.

The simplest way to tell if the saffron you’re intending to buy is fresh is the color.

The color has to be a dazzling crimson, with the tips a slight res-orange color. Also you can tell by the smell.

It should be strong, stinging and fresh.

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