Persian Psychologists

Persian Psychologists

Persian Psychologists

Islamic Psychology:

Islamic psychology is both the medical and philosophical examinations of the human mind according to the Islamic outlook on life.

This study targets a few different topics. There are a couple of famous characters in this field such as:

  • Mohammad Ibn Zakariya Razi: a significantly influential scientist who lived during Islam’s Golden Age.He was amongst the first peoplein the world to dictate anything on mental diseases/disorders.
  • Abu-Ali Hossein Ibn Abdolah Ibn-Sina: an extremely famous Persianpolymath, known for his writings on Physics, philosophy, medicine, math and poetry.

What do psychologists do?

The job of a psychologist demands learning, evaluating, diagnosing, and treating diverse sorts of psyche processes.

Psychologists’ works branch into two different categories:

  • Applied psychologists
  • Research-oriented psychologists.

Psychologists mainly conduct therapy and assist their patients to handle life and its issues (Anxiety, wrath, depression) better.

Psychologists use a series of means such as medication, hypnosis, and therapy to aid their patients.

Many people are under the illusion that anyone can sit a patient down a talk to them and try to be helpful, but being a successful psychologist takes a large amount of practice and professional training.

Psychologist VS Psychiatrist?


a psychiatrist is considered a doctor while a psychologist is not.

This is because all psychiatrists can process medical treatments and prescribe drugs and medication, but the majority of the psychologists can’t do this.

Clinical Social Workers

CSWs do the same thing as psychologist and psychiatrist, though they are not the same.

They are mental wellness experts who have received a master’s degree in “social work”.

Much like psychologists they are unable to prescribe medication but they can evaluate whether the patient requires it.


they can refer their clients to psychiatrists for further examination.

CSWs usually receive their license after completing two years of training in their field.

Persian Psychologist

Iranians usually seek out psychologists of their own origins since it is easier to talk about your problems with a person from your own culture, religion and similarities.

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