Persian People • Iranian People

Persian People • Iranian People

Persian People

Though it is quite clear, Persian people are Iranian residents speaking modern Persian tongue, or close relatives of the Persian dialect.

Persian basically means “of Persis”.


Persis is a section located in the north of Iran.

This was the domain in which king Cyrus the Great brought all the Iranian empires together and took the Persian cultural standards to a new level by merging the Lydian and Babylonian empire into Persia.

King Cyrus:

King Cyrus the great was the originator of the Achaemenid Empire.

This empire,

despite not being the first Persian empire there was, was famous around the world and to this day is remembered by historians for its’ cultivation, warfare and social traits that effected many domains such as Egypt and Athens.

Though Persian native groups exist throughout the west, Persians have always been more of a pan-national group, meaning that they contain regional residents that indicate themselves as “Persians” or more commonly “Iranians”.

Since Persians are a pan-national crowd, it is not completely right to specify them as an ethnic or native group.

Mainly because the term “Persian” can refer to a few more Iranian races and groups who speak modern Persian.

Persian People’s language:

Many language experts define the Persian language as a sole native unit, and they actually rule out all the popularity that speaks Persian dialects.

This is an inaccurate thought, as every single ethnic group inside Iran are included “Iranian”, regardless of their regions and language.

Some other experts, however, define Persian speakers as separate ethnic units.


this thought is also wrong in some points.

Because all the ethnic crowds that lived in Iran were considered to be Iranians or Persians.

Persian Vs Iranian:

This choice between “Iranian” and “Persian” continued for a long time.

The main reason was that all western languages had affirmed the term Persia (from the Greeks) and were using it as the main name for Iran.

This was up to 1935 when Reza Shah officially asked the foreign countries to address Persia by its original, native name: Iran.

Famous Persians & Famous Iranians:

Shohreh Aghdashloo:

born in Tehran in 1952, she is a remarkable Iranian-American actress.

Her astounding performance in the movie “House of Sand and Fog” landed her an Oscar Nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category. She also has another 6 nominations and 10 wins.

Gholam A. Peyman:

his award is considered by some ‘the nation’s highest honor’ when it comes to technological achievement.

He was awarded the Medal of Technology and Innovation.

To this day, the medical society is grateful to his invention of the LASIK eye surgery, a surgical procedure which involves removing old eye layers with LASER in order to improve vision power and to dispose of glasses.

Pierre Morad Omidyar:

a famous entrepreneur.

He is Iranian-American, but was born in French.

His famous foundation, eBay: the online auction site is being used worldwide to this day. He is also a chairman of this association.

Andre Kirk Agassi:

broadly believed by many critics and his peer players to be among the greatest tennis players throughout history.

Though retired at the moment, he was the former number 1 of the world, an also considered one of the most dominant tennis players from 1990s to the 2000s.

Jamshid “Jimmy” Delshad:

the first Iranian-American to occupy a post in Beverly Hills, he is a famous politician.

He actually went on to become the mayor of Beverly Hills.

Christiane Amanpour:

he is a famous journalist, as well as a TV host.

He is the chief International Correspondent of CNN.

He hosts the “CNN International’s Nightly interview program Amanpour”. He is also an affairs anchor at ABC News.

And many more famous Persians…

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