Persian Dentists • Iranian Dentists • Farsi Speaking Dentists

Persian Dentists • Iranian Dentists • Farsi Speaking Dentists

Persian Dentists • Iranian Dentists

This term is given to the health care professionals whose field of expertise is the examination, prevention and healing diseases, infections and special conditions concerning the oral cavity.

These Iranian Dentists and experts usually have a team which is made up of an assistant, a hygienist, a technician and sometimes a therapist (all of them are dental).

A healthy and beautiful smile by your Persian dentist:

A dentist’s job covers a numerous variety of activities.

These are split into treatments and examination.

Things such as crowns, braces, gum therapy, teeth extraction, teeth cleaning, and dentures are identified as treatments while radiograph pictures, check-ups and things like this are considered examination.

Following these examinations and treatments dentists prescribe drugs and medication for their patients.

Oral health care providers

  • General Dentist:

A general dentist is your regular dentist to whom you go for monthly checkups and diagnoses.

  • Dental Public Health Clinics:

Dental public health clinics use community efforts and programs designed for dental care in order to improve your dental health

  • Endodontist:

An endodontist’s is a dental specialist whose expertise involves diagnosis and treatments of the diseases and harms related to the human dental pulp or the tooth nerves.

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist:

​A radiologist is the oral health specialist who is qualified in understanding and interpretation of x-ray images of the diagnosis.

  • Oral Medicine:

Oral medicine is one of the features of dentistry that offers help and care for the medically complex patients by merging medication and oral health care.

  • Oral Pathologist:

​An oral pathologist is an oral health specialist who studies the illnesses that affect oral structures. This specialist provides diagnosis of the tissue or the lesion by checking the examination that was sent to them by another oral specialist.

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon:

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is the oral health specialist that is qualified for various types of surgeries not only concerning the teeth, but also mouth and the jaw area.

  • Orthodontist:

​An orthodontist is the oral health care specialist whose studies allow him to diagnose restraint and treat malocclusions, more commonly known as “bad bites”. This problem is related to the patient’s teeth and the surrounding structures. One of their more popular services however is the alteration of midface and jaw growth, which is usually done by using braces.

  • Pediatric Dentist:

A pediatric dentist is the oral health specialist that is qualified for diagnosing and treating the dental issues of children since their earliest age.

  • Periodontist:

A periodontist is the oral health care specialist whose expertise involves examining, preventing or treating the illnesses related to the mouth and the assisting framework of the teeth.

  • Prosthodontist:

A prosthodontist is the oral health specialist who provides services such as repairing teeth or in other cases, replacing the teeth that are gone. His degree of skill in this field could be said to exceed a general dentist by a large amount.

Persian Dentists

Just as we have stated in the other headings of this site, Iranian people will be much more comfortable with a doctor of their own nationality. And this case is no different.

The communications will be smoother, all your problems and the responses to them would be understood perfectly and most importantly, you will feel content with a medical specialist who speaks your native tongue by default. Iran has introduced a great deal of capable dentists to the world.

The simplest way is to do an online search about your local area and you will definitely receive many results.

Another way is visiting Iranian Dental Associations.

There you can find a great number of dentists and oral health specialists.

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