Persian Cats

Persian Cats

The Persian Cat

Persian cats are one of the most popular and desirable breeds of felines in United States.

Their appearance is quite famous. Their huge, soft coats of fur and squashed-like, flat faces are iconic.

The said faces are usually divided in two categories: the Peke-face and the Doll-face.

They possess large, round heads, petite and curved ears, and a furry, stocky posture.

They also differ magnificently when it comes to fur color, such as gold, tabby, smoky, bicolor, silver, gray, himalayan, etc.

Interesting fact is that their eye color depends on the color of their fur coats. For example, golden Persian cats usually possess blue-green eyes.

They are considered medium-sized, since they weigh about 8-12 lbs.

Persian Kitty

Persian cats possess a very calm, and at the same time, arrogant nature.

This has led them to prefer the luxury of apartment lives as opposed to living in the wild.

They are famous for their placid and quiet temperaments, because of which they get along quite fine with children. But this doesn’t mean that they are frigid.

They are actually quite affectionate, naughty and jolly at times. The fascinating thing is that they are not at all demanding of you, but they will always respond with warmth to your affectionate touch.

As stated earlier, they prefer the quiet and safe atmosphere of their homes.

They are rarely seen to act violent. Unlike some breeds of cats, they have a low, beautiful, pleasing voice that is like music to the ears.

One of their best aspects is their eyes:

Colorful, round eyes like orbs.

Add all these factors together and you will see a perfect pet for all people of different age groups.

Though of course, all these positive aspects don’t come free.

Caring for these cats can turn quite hard at times.

Persian cats have bushy, thick masses of hair.

This means that they need lots of grooming on daily or weekly schedules. They must be showered regularly and dried with care. Their fur needs to be brushed every day; otherwise it would mat or fall.

Persian Cats, needs lots of care:

Even if we put aside the grooming, these cats still need lots of care. Since they are very dependent, they require a huge (if not full) amount of their owners’ attention.

They enjoy spending time with their human companions. For example, a Persian cat is among the very few breeds of feline that prefers to take a nap on his owner’s lap instead of a quiet corner.

Persian Cats History

This breed arrived in America at nearly the last decades of the 19th century.

After they were recognized by the ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association) in 1914, they soon became the most approved and desirable breed in the United States.

Persian Cats Personality

These beautiful cats are known for their docile and sweet behaviors. Noisy accommodations aren’t suitable for them.

They prefer to have as little change as possible and are content by their everyday peaceful life.

Persian cats are among the least mischievous cats there is.

They are perfectly glad to maintain a domain without rascality.

Whenever the owners are outside or at their jobs, Persian cats are likely to sprawl on a comfy piece of furniture until their human companions come home.

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